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Vrnjacka Banja

Vrnjacka Banja

Vrnjacka Banja Spa is the largest and most famous spa in Serbia and traditionally very attractive tourist destination for leisure and recreation. Spa is located in central Serbia, 200 km south from Belgrade. Thanks to road and railway road, which connects the Western Morava valley of Main Roads Balkans, Belgrade – Sofia and Belgrade – Athens, Vrnjacka Banja is very well connected with all parts of Serbia. Good local roads with its forest and mountainous hinterland makes a wide area of preserved natural environment. This complex includes a high mountain Kopaonik (2018 meters), Željin (1785 meters), then Tables (1375 m) and the nearby Goc (1215 m).

The climate in Vrnjacka Banja is temperate continental. The influence of the nearby mountains provide a micro climate of the Spa for a special character and makes it very pleasant. Summers are moderately warm with fresh mornings and evenings, and winters are with a lot of snow but without sharp frosts. Mean annual temperature is 10°C and summer average 20°C.

Vrnjacka Spa has a long tradition of wellness. History of Spa starts in II century, when thanks to the (mineral springs) Romans built their spa and rehabilitation place AQUA ORCINAE.

Today Vrnjacka Banja is very modern rehabilitation centre with more then thousands of rooms and apartments. Citizens of Vrnjacka Banja have long tradition in tourism, and their accommodations are much above standard of Serbia..

Vrnjacka Banja Serbia

Welcome to the most beautiful spa in Serbia – Vanjacka Spa. Vrnjacka spa is a Serbian queen of tourism and is situated in central Serbia, 200 km south of Belgrade. Located on the slopes of mountains and valleys Vrnjacka Goc and Lipovac river. Depending on the position of certain parts of the village the Spa elevation ranges from 220-300 meters. The Vrnjacka Banja can be reached by highway Belgrade-Kraljevo and highway Belgrade-Nis-Skopje, through the hayloft.

Vrnjacka banja
Vrnjacka Banja

Vrnjacka Banja characterized by moderate continental climate, summers are moderately warm (average temperature is 20 ° C) and moderately cold winters (average temeratura +0.8 ° C). Protected the mountain Goc (south, east and west) and Gledic mountain ranges (north), so that a large number of days in a year, about 170, with no wind.
Based on the discovered archaeological material can be safely claim that Vrnjacka mineral water used in the more ancient period. The Vrnjacka hot mineral springs in the period from 2 to 4 century, the Romans built a spa Orcinae Aquae, where the recovery and rest the soldiers came from the province of Moesia Superior and from the military camp on the Danube limes. Present name Vrnjačka Spa is named after the village name Vrnjci, in which the area of mineral resources discovered.
Mineral Water Spa for re-use during the Byzantine administration, which we witnessed the archaeological finds discovered in the nearby localities. Some legends say that the healing Vrnjacka water was known in the latter time of Turkish rule. The Vrnjacka spa, legends say, treated the Turkish landowners, seeking to feed the local population and serve. To avoid service Agama and bags, people zatrpavao sources.
Departure of the Turks and gradual political and economic strengthening of Serbian in the 19th century created the conditions and increases interest in the use of Vrnjacka mineral water. Re-invention and use of these waters tradition attributed to the case of a sick horse vrnjacka priest Jeftimije Hadzi-Popovic. The first written records of Vrnjacka spa located in the report of Baron Sigismund Herder, who by order of Prince Milos Obrenovic examined the natural resources of the former Serbian. He gave a high evaluation of the quality vrnjacka mineral waters and compared them with the famous waters of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.
First of July 1868th educated in the “Society of medicinal acidic hot water in Vrnjci”, and 1869th years is considered the first official spa season capped with sources of hot water, bathroom, spa doctors and a large number of visitors. Early 20th century built more modern hotels and villas.
Exploitation of mineral resources the Spa began in 1970. year. Popular water “Vrnjci in glass bottles very quickly started to conquer the market and pronosi glory which comes from the place.
Vrnjacka spa has seven mineral springs, of which four are used for balneološku therapy. “Hot Water”, unique in that it has a human body temperature (36.5 ° C), is one of the line carbon-acid homeotermi and is used for drinking and bathing. Cold mineral water “Sneznik (17 ° C), Lake (27 ° C) and Slatina (14 ° C) belong to a group of alkaline Alkaline alkaline akrotopega.

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